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DUET DECEMBER 2007 - Kis-My-Ft2


Recent happenings around seven of them.
From September to October, involved n 2 huge musicals, active Kis-My-Ft2 had no time to rest. From their expressions and talk we can see the ‘power up’ them has gotten ビシバシ. (Okay this para is crap. XD)

- Bracket, small and in grey (Like this) = My comment.
- Bracket while font remains (Like this) = Actual comment included in the talk.

Note: I made some changes after comparing it to the actual in this trans. I mean, I don’t know Japanese but some parts needed amendments. I’ll try my best to make it……… closer to the original. (^_^;) My apology.


Fujigaya Taisuke

During [DREAMBOYS], Yara-kun who our relationship became close said to me, “If Fujigaya calms down/settles down, you get the feeling of wanting to enjoy the onsen with him.” ……I lied. I really want to hang out with Yara-kun, therefore, onegaishimasu (Laughs)! I hope this will soon come true! [WORLD’S WING 翼 Premium 2007]’s rehearsal got shorten and it made us worry, but before the first performance when Tsubasa-kun said to us “It’s tough but, let’s all work hard together”, I was really glad. Within these two months, from these musicals I can feel that, our seven members when gathered together, the strength formed is really amazing. You can say we’re like 7 strong people being bonded by strong bonds (erm?).

I’ve said it before, it’s time to work hard and learn English. When I’m listening to foreign English CDs and think a song sounds good, when I check the card where it prints translated lyrics, they are always horribly directly translated, and all the images (formed when listening to the song) are destroyed! If I can use my own words/style to translate, the words can be further beautified, we can learn when we write lyrics too. If I have a girl I like, I hope I can sing her an English love song. But if I don’t work hard, this level of English can only allow me to write a song full of “I Love You” and nothing else (Laughs). But recently I’m into traditional Japanese music, using a male voice to sing a song with lyrics from a female point of view is not bad. If you guys know any of them, teach me!

(The above was… very confusing. I know. I was very confused when I’m translating too. The last part about trad. Japanese music I can say it’s inaccurate.)

Yokoo Wataru

By participating in [DREAMBOYS] and [WORLD’S WING 翼 Premium 2007] these two amazing musicals, I got to realize many things. How should I put it, I think the ending of a show is not on the stage, but it might be in the audiences’ heart. No matter how we think “we want the audience to see this”, it doesn’t mean the audience could accept it. Because of this, I got to realize the joy of participating in musicals. People who experienced watching a concert but not a musical, I really hope you will go watch one. But in the dressing room, bullying Senga was going on really intensely. Me? I did not okay. I only laughed at Senga who was being surrounded by bullies. Eh? My stand (by just looking and not helping) was the meanest? (Laughs)

Recently, when chatting with old friends the same topic will be ‘Getting Married’. Are we OLs (Office ladies)? No we’re not, and we’re not desperate either. Before this idea gets to me, I’ll need a “without her I can’t live” girl to appear, then I’ll consider. If we really think it’s time to get married, we must firstly seek permission from the girl’s parents. If I get comments like “there’s no reason to let you call me father”, I will keep visiting until I get approval. Even if it rains, even if it snows, I won't retreat unless they approve. Then my girl will watch over me who is drench in my suit from the second story…… Ah, guess I've watched too many dramas (Laughs).

Miyata Toshiya

In [World's Wing 翼Premium 2007], we were with M.A.D, their dance was spectacular. No matter when looked live or even in the big screen, it moves you. M.A.D members are all about the same age, so maybe their spirit burns at the same time. We feel that we need to work hard too. With this in mind we use up more energy, so we sleep deeply too, although in the morning it still feel dreadful…… (Laughs). I want to slowly adapt to this. Although Tamamori, Nikaido, Tomi (Tomita Mao) and I shared a same room, some BIG STAR actually got called “Nikaido-SAN”/there was a BIG STAR call “Nikaido-san” (Laughs). We three were lying down and discussing about sports and stuff, it is nice thinking back about it… Can’t hear jokes?

(I don’t get this last sentence about not hearing jokes. But the Nikaido-san thing will be clearer if you read Yuta’s part. It basically came because Nikaido wasn’t paying attention to the 3 of them and just read his comic. XD)

This might be sudden but, Japan electrical appliances are really amazing, especially household ones. Awhile ago because I needed to get a case for my mobile music player (MP3/iPod I suppose) I went to the mega-store, but when I went out of daze I was actually standing at the rice cooker department’s info counter (Laughs). Know what? Now there’s this diamond rice cooker! Using it to cook rice… I bet the rice will turn out sparkling. In the future if I get to live alone, I’ll be picky with the appliances I use. My fridge will be those that automatically make ice cubes. Eh? That’s not anything new? Then what is the latest function?!

(Koichi-kei Ossan wannabe?)

Tamamori Yuta

Continuously we participated in two musicals; once again we realize the profundity in dancing. Especially [World's Wing 翼Premium 2007], it is base on pure dancing, we get to watch Tsubasa-kun and M.A.D dance up close, we learnt a lot. Although we don’t express it with words, but we express it by thinking “Today we will do better than yesterday, and tomorrow I will do even better than today”. I want to keep having this in mind. Ah yes yes, our roommate Tomi said “The theatre is haunted!” Though we know if we didn’t do anything wrong we have nothing to fear, but still it was scary (Laughs). The one who was most afraid was Nika. He will always say “Let’s tell ghost stories~”, but he will also always be the first to go “Yabai yabai!” and start panicking (Laughs).

(Yup he called Nika as just Nika. “Yabai yabai~” is like, “Oh no!” or “This is bad!”) 

Ah~ I really really want to eat meat! No, not fried or grilled those fast food like ones, but those big pieces ones that comes with big bones like you see in comics, it makes you want to bite a mouthful of it. Meat is something that drives away tiredness. And garlic. My whole family loves garlic, so in Tamamori house dishes often has garlic in them. But, if it’s too strong, and you can’t help but fart, the smell will make dogs fly (Laughs). Of course we must not forget to get rid of the stinky breath. Because after having garlic, being said “It stinks” and get hated when dating really cute girls, that will be real horrible (Laughs).

(Yuta, stop destroying your image. LOL! That was so ojisan.)

Nikaido Takashi

Through participating in [DREAMBOYS], I’m beginning to like acting. Before that I had no interest at all, but after repeating things in live it’s starting to look interesting. So now I’ll love to challenge a TV drama! Participating in [World's Wing 翼 Premium 2007] with Tsubasa-kun is a totally different feel from [DREAMBOYS]. Because it is dance and song based, it’s similar to a live concert, so I really have the “Let’s have a concert too” feeling. Yes yes, in the dressing room during that time, when everyone was in chaos (in a way of having fun), I was alone reading my comics. Although the main character is a gangster, but it’s interesting! It's about wonderful friendships, so after reading, I feel that we must really cherish friends (Laughs).

(I think you’re trying to make directors spot you for Gokusen.3 my dear. LOL.) 

Recently we finally get to rest a little, went out with my friends for billiards and darts. I won for billiards but lost darts horribly right in the beginning. If there’s time, travelling will be good. If I get a bike license in the future, I’ll love to travel to Hakone for their hot springs♪ Though I have no time for leisure, but I’m content just to focus on work. It feels like when comparing love to work, work still stands more importance. Though it’s different from being in love, but up till now I’m really grateful to all fans. That’s to say, when I see you guys supporting us during musicals and lives, I’ll feel that without you all I’m unable to do all these too. Therefore, to me the most important thing right now is all you fans!

(Since when you brat learnt how to say sweet nothings? Did Yokoo teach you that? XD And what about biking for onsen? That's so ossan!)

Senga Kento

Recently work has been [DREAMBOYS] and [World's Wing 翼Premium 2007], but no matter which side we backup for, all the sempai has really glamorous stages, lightings and all. “I want to be like them and stand on this kind of a stage”, I was touched, and of course we got to have wonderful experiences. Because I can’t perform without getting nervous, nor react quickly when something crops up, so I stress myself with this weakness, and work hard! Other than this, although everyone is serious on stage, but once in the dressing room the big guys (Kitayama, Fujigaya, Yokoo) turn childish. Like they can’t leave me alone, if I go out alone, they will feel that they can’t have fun. Though I don’t have a choice, but this feels as if “Everyone loves me” (Laughs)!

Today, I went out for darts with friends whom I’ve not met for a while. But because of this photo shoot, I only stayed for about an hour (Laughs). I guess work has been too packed, so rest time has to… ... Yeah this feeling. I’m still not adjusted to autumn. Recently the best food I’ve ate is Shabu Shabu. Doesn’t it gives you “the feeling of Autumn”? I love fish so I really want to eat Mackerel! But I’ve haven’t gotten the chance to (Cries). Mushrooms? Not as much as Mackerel, it’s just a mushroom, it’s not anything expensive (Laughs). If you want to give me a treat, then I’ll gladly receive!

(I think Mackerel is a vague name for a common fish with many different species? But I’ve always see people write Mackerel than Saury… I’ve checked and results say Saury, so does dictionaries and translators. Ah whatever, it’s a fish. XD And Senga, some mushrooms can cost a bomb yo! How come all of younger ones are so ossan instead? (>_<;) )

Kitayama Hitomitsu

[DREAMBOYS] and [World's Wing 翼 Premium 2007]. Life was enriching~ Didn’t met with any accidents… Okay I fell (Laugh). Although it was not on Tsubasa-kun’s stage, but when skating I tripped on an area that looked like it was flat but there were actually holes, I fell right there. It was a place where audience could clearly see what happened, but Nikaido just have to emphasize “KITAMITSU FELL~!” and created a stir, annoying isn’t he (Laughs). Maa~ No injuries so it’s totally OK right? I fell like thrice I think. It happens ya this kind of things… In the dressing room I was with Yokoo, Fujigaya and Senga, we played with Senga♪ Fujigaya and Yokoo are both noisy~ Because of them, contact skills between members got better (Laughs). 

(Apparently you guys didn’t grow up and wrestled Senga again. *Headdesk* See! The younger ones act like ojisan while you big guys are like kids! And yes Nika calls Hiro Kitamitsu. LOL.) 

As for personal stuff, I received birthday wishes from friends and I’m really glad. I got treated Shabu Shau too. It was delicious~ Yes yes, I received wishes from Kanjani 8’s Yasuda-kun, I was really happy. So there, I’m 22 years old. Not much changes. Girls type that I’ll prefer? Someone who I can get along with I guess. Ah, awhile ago I accidentally touched a girl’s arm, seriously, it was like touching ジョリ (Is this Jewelry? I guess it means being smooth). I guess she handled the hair on her arms well. But I have to say, seriously, the “ジョリ” feel was amazing. It’s important to keep yourself neat!

(And I suppose you wanna touch it again. Are you sure it was an accident?)

You know what guys, I have 2 tests to study. LOL! 

Btw, sorry about the grammar, or English as a whole. XD
Bai! ♥

(Getting to know Senkaido both participated in the games for 14th Jan SC makes me vair happy♥)
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