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A lil changes won't kill... And I'm speaking the truth... So...

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In the past few days/weeks I read nyagcpinkuneko's Hashimitsu fics. (-10 x 4 parts = -40 points). In November I nearly turned atarashiiyoake in for googling up kiddie pron. But did not. (-60 points). In the past few weeks I manage to convert figuramalaya into a complete pedo. (-100 points). I have yet to find myself a job for this vacation. (-50 points). Today I bought TOPSTAGE for sunkissed_chica(+50 points).

Overall, I've been lazy and st00pid but good (200 points). For Christmas I deserve a better brain and Nikaido Takashi!

Han Yu
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Okay Okay, that is not the focus. Lol. KISUMAI!
This is a rough trans from the profile booklet from Myojo January. =3
Originally translated to Chinese by nobuta @ http://kmf2.aa.topzj.com/index.php
I'm not saying its 100% correct okay? XD
For 'Definition of Love', I don't know how to translate that. Its just something about the attitude/thoughts towards love.
'Reason for joining JE' is actually 'Reason for joining the Entertainment industry' but its meccha same.

D.O.B: 17th of September, 1985
Birth Place: Kanagawa
Height: 168cm
Blood Type: A

Hobby/Interest: Shopping, Video games
Special ability: Can fall asleep anywhere
Best sport: Soccer
Forte: Very good at sleeping. (I assume its plain sleeping, only.)
Weakness: Oversleep.

Nicknames: Hiro, Hiromi, Mitsu, Mittsu
Most used Emoji:
Definition of love: (I don't  understand what he said)

Food: Meat, Honey Dew, Sashimi
Fashion/Accesories: Jeans
Type of Girls: Looks cute when she smiles
Phrase: (Don't understand as well.)
Treasure: Everything that are mine, My Mother, Buddies, everything around me that keeps me going.

Reason for joining JE: The sister of a friend sent my particulars/resume to JE.
Respected/Admired Artitse: Not an artise but I respect our President (Johnny-san).
Message  to Myojo readers: YAHOI~! ♪(Something like YAAHOOO~ lol.)

Regarding latest me: Not long ago everyone celebrated my birthday during Takizawa-kun's ONE concert. It made me cry so hard till I'm shocked by myself.

D.O.B: 25th of June, 1987
Birth Place: Kanagawa
Height: 173cm
Blood type: AB

Hobby/Interest: Dancing, Singing, Acting, its not really a hobby but I like them very much.
Special Ability: High pitch when singing.
Best Sport: Basketball
Forte: Cheerful and Genki
Weakness: I'm not always late but I'll arrive at the last minute. 

Nicknames: Taipi, Gaya, Tai-chan
Most used Emoji:  and
Definition of love: Love is an unbelievable type of energy.

Food: Meat, Chinese dishes
Fashion/Accesories: Jackets and Jeans.
Type of Girls: Cheerful and Genki, a little innocent/natural type. (And isn't that YOURSELF?!)
Phrase: Shouri! (Success/Victory)
Treasure: The people I've met, work, experiences.

Message to Myojo readers: I'll bring out the different me every month, so please take note! YEAH!

Regarding latest me: I've becoming to have an interests in things such as acting more and more, no matter if its dramas or movies, I look at them at a different angle now. I would like to challange different types of roles.

D.O.B: 16th of May, 1986
Birth place: Kanagawa
Height: 175 cm
Blood type: A

Hobby/Interest: Darts, Pool, Soccer, Basketball
Special Ability: Sportsman. (Can play a lot of sports)
Best sports: Baseball, Soccer, Basketball
Forte: Can react to different situations fast.
Weakness: Lose interest in things very fast.

Nicknames: Yoko, Wata, Yaiba
Most used Emoji: , ,
Pets: 5 doggies
Definition of Love: (Something about the difficulty when you have a secret crush on someone.)

Food: Egg stew, Chicken sticks, Fish
Fashion/Accesories: Tank Tops/Shirt (I'm not sure), and small accesories.
Types of Girls: Fair skinned.
Phrase: (Must retain the thoughts of wanting to conquer the world, something like that, =_=")
Treasure: Friends

Message to Myojo readers: I might not look like it but I'm actually the most determined! 

Regarding latest me: Found a pretty good restaurant, mutton is really popular now! Two men (didn't state who) went and ate about 10 plates!

D.O.B: 17th of March, 1990
Birth place: Tokyo.
Height: 173cm
Blood type: B

Hobby/Interest: Sleeping. (COOL!)
Special ability: None, can notice things fast. (And you call that none.)
Best sports: Soccer.
Forte: Can become friends with anybody and get used to it.
Weakness: Get sick of things real fast.

Nicknames: Tama-chan, Tama.
Pets: 2 doggies, Chappu (males) and Ibu (Female)
Most used Emoji: ,
Definition of Love: The one who confess first wins! But I've never confess before. (And then how do you know confessing always wins, =_=)

Food: Toufu (Beancurd)
Fashion/Accesories: Shirts.
Type of girls: The chinese can be translated to Unfit but I think its saying erm, someone who is smaller in size? That area?
Phrase: Doryoku (努力)
Treasure: Graduation Booklet with all the photos.

Reason for joining JE: Without me knowing my family helped me sign up. In the beginning I even cried and said "I don't want to!" [Laughs]
Respected/Admired Artiste: Domoto Koichi. Is perfect no matter where.
Message to Myojo readers: Please continue to support, yoroshiku.

Regarding latest me: Finally realise the important of sleeping. If I can manage I'll go to bed before 12, but seems like with school its not possible. [Cries]

D.O.B: 23rd of March, 1991
Birth place: Aichi
Height: 169cm
Blood type: AB

Hobby/Interest: Listening to music before sleeping. (And I call that a habit)
Special Ability: Dance.
Best Sports: Dodge Ball.
Forte: Honest and Friendly.
Weakness: A very silly person.

Nicknames: Sen-chan, Gacchou
Pets: A Toy/Teacup Poodle name Puu (Female).
Most used Emoji:  and
Definition of Love: Love is Chemistry.

Food: Green pepper with shreaded meat.
Fashion/Accesories: Caps.
Type of girls: Neat and adorable.
Phrase: LOVE & PEACE
Treasure: My aims. With aims people will work hard.

Respected/Admired Artiste: Not a specific ones but all artiste are great people. They know what to do and say.

Message to Myojo readers: The immature me will work hard and do more. Please anticipate the future me who will bring you more!

Regarding latest me: Bought a new black coat, looks really fashionable! And I'm really happy about it.

D.O.B: 6th of August, 1990. (Damn you)
Birth Place: Tokyo.
Height: 170cm (*Throws confetti)
Blood type: B

Hobby/Interest: Observing people
Special Ability: Can become good friends with people whom I just recently met real fast.
Best Sports: Relay
Forte: Doesn't put little things/worries to heart.
Weakness: Live in my own world.

Nicknames: Taa-kun, Nika. The president say its Hokkaido(北階堂). [Laughs]

Side note on Hokkaido:
北階堂 is also HOKKAIDO
北 = きた/ぼく
北極 = ほっきょく
北階堂 = ほっかいどう
Okay nevermind lets carry on. lol.
(To Johnny-san: YOU! are pretty lame as well for your age.)

Pets: 3 doggies. Maru, MoMo, Mikan
Most used Emoji:
Definition of Love: Seems like Love is something that heats up or cools down suddenly... What is it exactly? (And now you're asking back)

Food: Rice and Fish. (This proves eating fish makes you smarter WRONG. =3)
Fashion/Accesories: Wallet. Its made by myself so I like it very much.
Type of girls: Is able to keep her promise, neat, and not a hyprocrite (Fake person), I don't need her to be a real beauty.
Phrase: Is working hard secretly.
Treasure: Family

Message to Myojo readers: Everyone! Become cute puppies after reading Myojo!

Regarding latest me: On Takizawa-kun's ONE concert I was put to do the fighting scene.

D.O.B: 14th of September, 1988
Birth place: Kanagawa
Height: 172cm
Blood type: A

Hobby/Interest: Playing instruments like the guitar, harmonica, piano and violin. (And are you for real?!)  
Special Ability: (Finding things to do in spare time? Something in that area.)
Best sports: Soccer
Forte: Happy type of person.
Weakness: Can't sense the atmosphere well.

Nicknames: Miyacchi, Mii-kun.
Pets: 2 turtles since Primary.5, they don't have names. (...Tortoise...? Whatever~)
Most used Emoji:
Definition of Love: Love starts from yourselves!

Food: Meat.
Fashion/Accesories: Please don't ask me fashion related stuff. [Laughs]
Type of girls: Fair skinned.
Phrase: (I don't get this too.)
Treasure: A peaceful world.

Reason for joining JE: Mum and sister (elder) sent my particulars in.

Message to Myojo readers: If you think I'm not bad, please support me!

Regarding latest me: Something about regret playing too much of this arcade machine which you grab dolls.

Btw, is Casey okay?

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