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WINK UP (FEB) - JR. ANSWERS (Senga & Hiro)

Original trans from Japanese to Chinese by 追风翼 from KMF2 forum.
[(Grey) = My comments/Notes.][

Questions to Senga and Hiro.

To Senga;


Question: I had a fight with my friend and I think I should apologise. But somehow I can’t make the first move. What will Senga-kun do if you had a fight with Nikaido-kun?

(Pen name: Senri)


Senga’s Answer: I used to quarrel with Nikaido frequently. Because we fight over really trifle matters, therefore both of us are at fault for fighting over trivia matters. I’m one who waits and thinks, “I guess he won’t come and apologise to me huh.”, but soon I realised this won’t do if I just let it continue. Although it’s kind of tough to apologise first, but I guess the other party feels the same too. So you should make the first move, apologise, and get to know your friend better. And this will in return strengthen the relationship between both of you!

To Kitayama;

Question: I live in some countryside of Hiroshima. Too country a place. Speaking of country kids, what does Kitayama-kun think about them?

(Pen name: Erina)


Kitayama’s Answer: I’m from the countryside too. (Laughs) Kanagawa, where there are the mountains and hills. But I think the countryside is good! Travel to Tokyo, back to your hometown, this kind of life isn’t that bad~! There you have mountains, rivers, and you get to drink really clear water. You don’t get those in the city. In fact I plan to live there (Either his hometown or some countryside I guess) in the future. So, you don’t have to feel that way about living at the countryside. Please love the countryside. (Laughs)

Random but: I hate how my dad says the parrot is noisy. I know it is but at least it makes noise to ask for FOOD not like him always making noise asking for TROUBLE instead.

DUET (DEC) (Senga's part is up! =3)
[Just in case you are not sure which...]

(I've posted Nika's and Hiro's HERE before.)

Fujigaya Taisuke sees...

Kitayama Hiromitsu – An elder brother of age 2 years older.

“Older than me by 2 years…” (Laughs). He can sleeps anywhere.

But I really want to tell him [The alarm clock is to wake yourselves up not others.]

So, since you use an alarm clock, please wake up yourselves.

His alarm would always wake other people up instead.

Yokoo Wataru – Just like aniki.

Although it’s due to age too,

But during the shooting of my dramas he would send mails like “Slept well?” or “You’ve worked hard!” things like that.

He might not look like it but he cares for us a lot.


Miyata Toshiya – Won’t come out and play even if we invite him to.

If I ask someone out to play,

This guy would say things like “You have to ask me out too!”

But when I actually ask him out, he never will.

He will always say things like “No, its not like that…” when his mood is turning bad.

And he will find really good excuses.

And also the hair at the back of his neck is sugoi.

Senga Kento - Best relations.

Because we get along really well, I’ll ask him along first no matter where I go.

There was once we went to a well known theme park. (I guess Disneyland)

Sitting on the water rides machine, Senga’s bag dropped into the water.

This type of natural side, has a cute touch to it.

Tamamori Yuta - .... (Sweat drops)
I don't quite understand Tamamori.
To be honest, we seldom chat. (Laughs)
I heard from others that he doesn't really help to clean the rubbish in our dressing rooms. (What do you expect from Ms. Tako?)
So I guess he gives troubles? He seems to be more active nowadays.

Nikaidou Takashi - Not cute at all kouhai.

Nikaido is really versatile/changes in different circumstances. (LIKE I SAID! LOL.)
That is; sometimes he is totally cute and at times totally not cute at all.
And, I don't mind you sending me mails, but he keeps sending 'wrong' mails.
Like he would send [OK! I got it!] out of the sudden. I don't really get him...

Yokoo Wataru sees...

Miyata Toshiya - Think for others
Most adult-like among the young ones.
Gentle to everybody, and cares about everything without finding excuses.
Hard working and serious towards everything.
You can also put it as he is a mature person, a good guy.
A guy whom everyone will like no matter young or old. (Laughs)

Senga Kento - Leader?
Kisumai2's dance is done by this fellow and Kitayama.
In whole the idea is by Kitayama but all the creativities comes from Senga himself.
He is good at both singing and dancing. But his confidence is ultra weak~
If he gain some confidence, he will do great.
Senga~ Trust yourself better, you can do it.
Ganbatte, future leader!

Tamamori Yuta - Mysterious.
He never talks about his personal matters.
As for me I talk about whatever failures I have.
Such a sly person neh. (Refering to Yuta)
Hope you can open up more neh, okay?

Nikaidou Takashi - Harworking person
I must say he works the hardest in our group.
Highly ambitious, always racing himself.
But because he concentrates on doing well too much, he overlook other matters/the surrounding.
This is his weakness.
Hope you can balance out both soon and do well!

Kitayama Hiromitsu - (How should I put this... XD It's about having a heart where he understand what a parent wants in a child.)
He clearly understands what he wants.

And he (has the heart to care about everybody, now tell me how should I put it. XD)

But the thing is he drags everything,

But also his pace gives people a break.

The only thing is he doesn’t act like the eldest. (Laughs)

Fujigaya Taisuke - Atmosphere Factory
If we get scoldings, he will always help change the atmosphere.
He will say things that is suitable for that situation.
So with this fellow around the atmosphere becomes really good.
But he gets affected easily too.
Always getting mischievous and this annoys people too.

Tamamori Yuta sees...

Kitayama Hiromitsu - Ojichan
Most caring towards Kisumai and most adult-like.
But when in a konbini, the posture of him reading the newspaper after buying it, is just like a ojichan
And he sleeps everywhere, so I guess thats the edvidence of being a ojichan(Getting old)?

Fujigaya Taisuke - Reliable Senpai
Fujigaya-kun gets angry when I'm in a daze,
Although he talks strictly at times, but thats love for the group I guess.
He helps me when I get scolded by our choreographer,
so in the end he became a senpai I rely on.

Yokoo Wataru - Talks. Discussions.
Although he isn't gentle usually, but when you need someone to talk to,
he would gladly offer a listening ear. Even if its through mails, 
he would sincerely key out what he wants to say.
Although we've never discuss anything other than work before, but I hope we can discuss about love next time.
About this type of important stuff, our lips are kinda tight... So... (Laughs)

Miyata Toshiya - Interesting
He is always in his fantasies/day-dreaming.
Things that can't be said here, he will always think about them, sometimes, (laughs) (YUTA YOU ARE CONTRADICTING!)
Nn, he is simply interesting.
Even if its just a simple meal he won't come too.
Maybe staying at home, day dreaming is much happier/enjoyable...?

Senga Kento - Kouhai in school
Not only jimusho, but we study in the same school too.
So it feels like we're always together.
I'll always bump into him when we buy things (in the cafeteria I guess)

He will always be sticking with a group of boys.
As for girls... They (the girls) hide at a corner to watch him instead! (Laughs)

Nikaidou Takashi - Shopping and Shampoo Partners
He is quite ambitious/loves winning, but is a good guy as well.
Always asking me out to shop.
And when we get perfs, we use the same shampoo together, if it runs out we take turns to buy.
Maybe he likes me? Well I like him! (Laughs)

Miyata Toshiya sees...

Kitayama Hiromitsu - Countryside pals, is this love?
Both of us lives around the countryside,
if we talk about catching prawns, we get really high.
If we will ever talk about that again I don't know. (Laughs)
Ah, speaking of this, there was once I met him at a ultra countryside kind of place!
Ah! Could this be... Love? (Laughs)

Fujigaya Taisuke - Sugoi person, is this love?
No matter work or play, he is good at it.
When he works he works like a real good performer, when he plays he plays like a lower primary(junior) school kid.
But in both aspects he stays happy, so its still sugoi. 
Because I respect him... Love Yo! (Laughs)

Yokoo Wataru's haven't been translated. The original translator couldn't 'solve' it. XD
Yokoo Wataru - Can't defeat him, is this love?

よくケツキックされるから、パンチしても、カウンターで返されるし ....(笑)

Senga Kento - 2 person into 1, is this love?
Once there was a junior who said;
「千賀君は、宮田君が突っ込むとさらに面白くなる。」 <--- Can't translate.
Meaning with me around, Senga seems even better a person.
A really natural fellow, so we automatically help him when he needs help.
Ah! Is this love?

Tamamori Yuta - A little worried, is this love?
A little like a girl (you mean TOTALLY). But am I saying that he is cute?
Back then when we were having our bento,
he suddenly said, "Its Tako-san! Its Squid-san!"
So I got worried.
And so I got too worried and my vision got stuck on him.
Ah! Could this be love? (You added that to everyone just so you can say it openly to Yuta's part.) 

Nikaidou Takashi - This fellow, is this love?
When we're together with everyone else he said to me "Your casuals are horrible!"
But when we're alone he gives me really good advices.
And when he is lonely he says things like, "Because I'm a rabbit/bunny!" (Note: Rabbits die when they get lonely)
Cute fellow huh? Ah! Is this love?

- END - FINALLY! *Dies of muscle ache*

Seems like they don't want me to rest. (>.<)
Senga's part is up! =3

Senga Kento sees...

Nikaidou Takashi - Very cute. <3
He loves rides that makes people scream out loud in the theme parks. (Simply; scary freakin tall and exciting rides. XD)
He sends me mail saying "Lets go together!" frequently. Adorable fellow right? (Laughs)
Actually I have minor phobia for height (and what is the prof term for that?), but with Nika I will ride them with him.
Amazing nah...

Yokoo Wataru - Real Leader
Fashionable aniki.
He tempts me with food but has a cool/kakkoi side too!
Stays calm always, a little scary at times.
But because of this, his words are (of high importance? Heavy? LOL what a trans! I'm srsly sleepy.) respectable.
Our relation... Kinda of like a professor and his assistant?

Fujigaya Taisuke - Good Friend, as well as... (the other part I dunno wad is zat, XD)
We always meet up and play together. Our relations are not bad!
His (Uh-huh what is that again? I'm guessing his 'tricks', as in puns, jokes and stuff) are really interesting.
You feel that when you're with him, and he gives your surprises!
This kind of interesting people thinks that I'm interesting, I'm really glad! (Now who doesn't agree that Senga is interesting? LOL.)

Miyata Toshiya - Peaceful person
No mood swings, has a really good character. With him around you feel at ease.
He doesn't make you feel nervous, so you relax.
And he is ultimately optimistic (Positive?). While I'm very pessimistic (Negative?). So I guess we can balance out each other.

Tamamori Yuta - Senpai, Friend
We study in the same school (and is kouhai-sempai in it). And we're friends in KMF2.
The number of times we meet is top. (Very high... Er. The idiom used simply means No.1. LOL)
When we meet each other in school we say "YO!", and speak as if we're of the same level/status/Whatever you know what LOL.
So, when I speak to him in respectful language when we're KMF2 its weird, I don't want a awkward relation.

Kitayama Hiromitsu - Fashionable Aniki
We discuss over everything.
Eldest, experience loaded, and is rather convincing (How he speaks that is).
Good at talks.
And he always treats me to meals! He has a way of his own for treats.
Without saying a thing he already footed the bill. Kakkoi huh?

OMG OMG I WANT TO SLEEP NOW BYE! XD (Sorry for Senga's part but I'm exhausted so I can't think well and its not like I can anyway.)
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