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Original trans from Japanese to Chinese by NOBUTA from KMF2 Forum.
Taken with permission. 
As usual, bracket + grey + xx-small font = (like this) = my comment/note.

This was done in the office while I acted as if I'm translating a Chinese/Japanese business e-mail since we get orders from them too.
Now call me a loser and doubt my character, BUT I CAN'T HELP AND HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO! X3 
(Okay great I just realised the lady who moved to sit beside me is the CEO of the company. OH C'MON CEO, GET YOUR OWN OFFICE ALREADY and stop bugging me. Btw she doesn't know how to crop a picture and the IT guy kind of laughed at her. Lol.)

Okay okay enough of my crap. I know you guys simply want the trans. 

DESTINATION. (Somehow their interviews never really relate to the shoot or title before...)

Miyata Toshiya:

The busy acitivities scheduled in summer had all ended, now its time to enjoy/for leisure. Something that Kis-My-Ft2 does well in/has passion in? There's nothing neh... At least I don't see any currently (Laughs). Speaking of us, Kis-My-Ft2 never had a meeting/date where all members were present. Sometime ago I was invited to join them at Disneyland, but due to school activities (Cultural festivals) I couldn't go. More or less almost the whole group went but to gather everyone it is still a difficult task.

Being a member of this group I realised, magazine interviews are actually fun and enjoyable. Recently in interviews, the fans gradually got to know what kind of a person I am right? Compare photoshoots to interviews, I prefer interviews. Not only looking at yourself in the magazines, but reading what you said in them makes you feel rather good.

If it's personal activities, during the recent spare time I went out with my friends to the karaoke. I sang ARASHI's [Ao zora Pedaru]. (Am I correct? Sorry I'm not familiar with ARASHI's works. I guess it's アオゾラペダル? The original trans I have translated the title into Chinese.)
Ey? My singing? I was told I can 'Open up the clear blue sky in the karaoke box with my voice'. (Laughs) (Wtf @ him prz. XD) 

Tamamori Yuta:

After the concert ended, I finally got to enjoy my very first massage in life. I went to this place my mum recommended me, but just had simple muscles massage, it was painful! My shoulder area hurts the most. Well, I'm one who suffers shoulder muscle strains all the time (Or rather: "All the straining always gather at my shoulder."). I like touching my own shoulders ( tf o_0") so I guess that has an impact too? After that massage session I felt as if all the toxic was removed from my body, that feeling was great! But seems like I'm addicted, kinda scary huh (Laughs).

Most work ended so now I am just a 'normal student' leading a simple life, that's a fresh and fun experience for me. But seems like I still can't get along with the girls in class (Girls always hate the prettier girls in class so its okay Yutan, thats the norm). Maybe it's because I have that mentality so they don't want to talk to me at all. Ahh, this has its benefits too though.

My friend (Class/school mate) joined the robot aerobics club and his reason was "Since I have nothing else to do". After classes, I went to watch my friend during his activity and thought "Ay? Why not I join in the fun?". Although I really felt like joining but I realised, "No. I have to let my body take a break now, thats the priority". So in the end I gave up the idea of joining. (And imagine Tako doing aerobics...)

Nikaidou Takashi: (WARNING: Annoying comments filled by me.)

A first experience during this period of time. Yes there was one and it's going for facial! (The original translator attached a note saying: メンズエステ - Men's esthetic.) Back then I've always thought: Facial = Girls' thing, until there was once I mentioned about my complextion/skin being tired during my massage session and the people there asked whether I want to give facial a try. (The image of a obasan in a salon totally appeared in my mind.)

Smearing (that was written on the original, lol) /Applying different kinds of stuff on the face, and I had a face massage, but... No...! It's too comfortable...! Too good! (That sounds so ero... Or is it just me?) This is bad, I've fallen for it neh. Now I totally understand why girls like to go for it so much.
In the end I fell asleep and the people there told me, "You fell asleep comfortably huh", but because I got to try out new things and these experiences were fresh for me so I woke up feeling revitalized (Laughs). 
Addicted, addicted. I shall save up all my pocket money and go again! (Yes you totally need it.)
(He needs to tell us where he goes for facial soon before more people gets cheated. Why cheated? Because the facial obviously didn't work! -____-")

Recently it seems like my body is feeling better. And so as usual after massaging and facials it's hair dressing. Went to the salon and got my hair styled.
Also, I've gotten an interest in body-building/shaping/training/gym. Although I was never good at sports, but I love keeping my body active (is that why you don't really use your brain?). So I'm trying to train/build up my muscles, and at the same time provide my body the opportunity to exercise.

Senga Kento:

I thought Goseki-kun mentioned about our trip to Disneyland, but in the end it was only about him getting a new music player.
Well, my bag fell into the water and it gave me quite a shock. But I got myself a new one. Recently I visit the theme park frequently. And before that I went to [FUJI-I DUNNO WAD] theme park and rode the FUJIYAMA (A really huge and fast roller coaster). I have phobia for heights (Acrophobia! I GOT IT!), but because everyone's spirit was high so I followed. It was awful~~!

I went to play billiard too. During summer I had no time like this to play with my schoolmates, so now I feel refreshed/energized. But although refreshed/full of energy, I still have my job to worry for. I am given the opportunity to produce Shounen Club this time. I thought about my theme thoroughly, had many ideas but settled with the theme; 'CHANCE'.

Travelled all the way from Nagoya to Tokyo (Note: Senga is a Nagoya Jr, from Nagoya obviously and seldom, or never, a Nagoya Jr. became popular. But anyway there aren't many of them too. X3), I worked with all my might. The chance I get from working so hard, I'll grab them tight and not give any of them up. But apart from this working hard mentality, I included my thoughts about climbing each step slowly, and one by one I'll get higher...

Fujigaya Taisuke:

I got a role in the TV drama 'Byakkotai'! And during the filming I get to travel to Kyoto for shoots. But the lines I get are just normal dialouges. (What else do you wanna say? If you want something abnormal I suggest filming... Pron?)

I talked a lot to Kouki, but didn't really talked to Yamashita, everytime I just feel DOKI DOKI. (I suppose he likes any Johnny with Pit hair; coughsHIROcoughs) Now I just keep quiet and still. Even Tamamori told me, "Omae("you" in a rude manner)! Say something!" (Laughs). If I can be myself after each shoot, that will be great.

Speaking about our in-coming work, during this period of time I participated in the programme "HYAKUSHIKI". I heard one of my teacher who taught me during High School, was Inohara-kun's teacher too. I've always wanted to tell him that, so through this filming/opportunity, I'll tell him! I have the habit of staring at the people whom I 'have a target' for, so please don't mind me staring at you. (Laughs)

Kitayama Hiromitsu:

After the concerts, the very first thing I did was meet some friends up and went to the onsen. Well, not really onsen, it's a place called the "Health/Healthy Land". And I also enjoyed warm baths and sauna. Totally enjoyable. If I visit there next time I'll stay over night, and enjoy myself. 

Ah yes, Takizawa-kun said, "Lets go for a tour at Ebi (江尾)". And it will be a trip full of delicious prawns and crabs. After the stage play with Takizawa-kun, we still meet up sometimes. Ay? The real Takizawa-kun? Just like on stage, he is the center of attention. In my words... I'll say he is mischievous~ (Laughs). Will do things like saying "Ah!" in a nerdy look. Or hold his mic upside-down in Karaoke. I bet you can imagine it (Laughs). I was forced to sing T&T's songs. Takki & Tsubasa's Yume Monogatari will be performed by Taki & Kita! It's so funny, when we flip our names it becomes the other's.

What Takizawa-kun advised me (about the Taki & Kita duo) was, become a dream group that can't be seen anytime other than in the dark (Laughs). Needless to say, our (Taki & Kita's) dance was perfect.

Yokoo Wataru:

Recently I'm into darts and bowling. Before this interview today I went to play bowling. My average score is about 120 to 150, the best was 202. I'm weak when it comes to stress. Within an hour if I get a strike I'll get a prize, and you get your photo taken and stuff. I want to strike so badly because of this (Laughs). But the concentration isn't there. Both darts and bowling requires a lot of focus, so if I continue with them, it might help in my work too neh?

Recently life is away from Kis-My-Ft2, Uwah~ I'm glad (Laughs)! Why? Because I can finally enjoy peace. Fujigaya talking/showing nonsense/puns/jokes/tricks to the younger ones (Ft2) daily became a habit for me to hear them.

Places that would make me stressful will be places like the stage where I perform with everybody. (The rest of the text had errors so I can' t read them but it's near the end already. =3)


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